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We aim to change the paradigm about real estate development in general. We aim to say something new in terms of construction.

Our team

David Kadagidze

12+ years on top management positions. Fields: Investment, Construction and Development, Transportation, Media, Energy, Management Consulting.

Audris Grybauskas

Vice Chairman
20+ years on consulting and corporate governance positions. Fields: Consulting, Regional Development, Multicultural Communications.

Michael Dalgaard

Vice Chairman
20+ years on top management and corporate governance positions. Fields: Health Care, Medical Tourism, Multicultural Companies.

Giorgi Kukhianidze

Board Member
10 years on top management position. Fields: Hospitality, Trade.

Katerina Pitiuri

Board Member
16 years of sales and 4 years of corporate management experience. Fields: Real Estate, Insurance, Banking.

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